In deep bloom


Three of my favorite ladies to work with, model Jacqueline, Zhenya Lazarchuck on hair, and photographer Jameykay Huffman. I am a huge fan of all three! Sorry I haven’t been able to post a lot. I have been on a lot of commercials this year which means no photos allowed. XOXO

It’s HERE!!

Hey guys! So I finally have the full video of Behind the Scenes of RuPaul’s Drag Con with SerenityScottt Beauty up and running. Please be kind with comments this is the first video I have edited of this length. PHEWW!! This took me all week to put together but I had a blast doing it. And as all ways follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and all those crazy things. Thanks so much for tunning in and I will have another video up for you soon. XOXO

SerenityScott Foundations



So we have been getting a lot questions on the SerenityScott skin perfecting foundations, as in “How do I match myself via the computer?” So I thought I would line them up on my arm as a color reference. From left to right we have s.p.f. number 1 and ending on s.p.f.  number 8. Number 1 and 2 are tricky in the sense that they are the same tone, shade of darkness, however they are different in hue, number 1 is more of a pink shade and number 2 has more golden tones. I am a number two. Hope this helps. If you guys have any questions feel free to email me at .