In deep bloom


Three of my favorite ladies to work with, model Jacqueline, Zhenya Lazarchuck on hair, and photographer Jameykay Huffman. I am a huge fan of all three! Sorry I haven’t been able to post a lot. I have been on a lot of commercials this year which means no photos allowed. XOXO

Spring in your new look!

20140505-120049.jpgFrom Serenity+Scott Beauty I have picked some products to help “spring in” the new you.

#1 – I always start  a face with the eyes. I find that if you plan for accidents they won’t happen, so if some of the shadow falls out then wipe it off and continue on! Here I have chosen some Serenity+Scott eye shadows, from the top to the bottom, S2 Biscuit for the lid, S23 Peony mixed with S28 Georgetown for the crease.

#2 – I personally have very moody, oily skin. I love a product that can give me great coverage, not give me too much shine, not settle into places it shouldn’t, and STILL look like skin. The Skin Perfecting Foundation from Serenity+Scott is perfect for this.

#3 – Venice Beach blush is wonderful. It can that give you that light sun-kissed glow.

#4 – Brow Gels from Serentiy+Scott are the perfect way to achieve that full brow without anyone knowing. This “brow mascara” coats only the brow hair to give them more color and more depth. If you need a little fill-in I recommend finding an eye shadow color that matches your natural color. Then lightly apply a small dusting to your shape. Next apply the Serenity+Scott Brow Gel on top to help keep things in place for longer.

#5 – Serenity+Scott Mascara is non-waterproof but tear-proof buildable formula. The chunky brush allows you not to keep dipping back in for more product and adds great volume to the lash.

#6 – Her namesake Serenity lipstick is a beautiful shear warmer plum that adds a wonderful depth to you lips.


Shop National

This was the first time I have shot with National. I loved the models, these ladies were so talented. To watch them in action was just mind blowing. The artist directors were so amazing. This was also the first time I have worked with Steven McBride and his team, and they were a blast.  PLUS The locations were super beautiful. Thought I would share some of the behind the scenes. Can’t wait to see the real thing! Should all be here by fall.