Summer Cheeks

Hello all! I hope that spring has been treating you all wonderfully! So I may be jumping the gun here but I wanted to release a video on how to get those shimmery contoured cheeks for summer. Please like if you did and if you have any comments or question please comment below. Thanks guys and gals!!

The new colors are here!!!

Introducing 2 new lipsticks, Ru and Gatsby, and 2 new lip-glosses, Boxcar Betty and Sidecar. Our 2 new blushes, Hibiscus and Sangria, are both powerful new colors. 9 new eye-shadow colors that no one can resist, Grove Park, Pink Ice, Lemonade, Tenderness, Dolly, Pixie Stix, Chocolate Fetish, Forget Me Not, and Sand.


Pretty in Pink!


I like the trends of color going on so I gathered up some of my favorite pinks from Serenity+Scott.

#1- Pink Bubbles(G10) a spearmint flavored, very opaque lip-gloss with high color impact. These glosses from Serenity+Scott more importantly do not have a sticky finish.

#2 Claire(S55) eye-shadow  is a beautiful crease color. This color is actually named after Claire Danes from the tv series Homeland. Serenity and Scott meet with Homeland’s Makeup Artist and created this color for her character to wear for the show.

#3 Phlox(S35) eye-shadow gives a soft iridescent pink that looks great for a pink lid or as a soft crease color.

#4 Georgia Peach(S22) eye-shadow is one of my favorites to add to the crease. Soft and subtle gives warmth to lid or crease. I add this color on top of Georgetown (S28) a lot.

#5 Coral Reef(B5) blush is beautiful pop of color with just a hint of shimmer to give you that summer glow.

#6 Haute Pink(NL7) is what I call my Nicki Minaj pink. This pink delivers a powerful punch of color to the lip. Add this underneath Pink Bubbles and POW! you have a beautiful bold pink lip.

Spring in your new look!

20140505-120049.jpgFrom Serenity+Scott Beauty I have picked some products to help “spring in” the new you.

#1 – I always start  a face with the eyes. I find that if you plan for accidents they won’t happen, so if some of the shadow falls out then wipe it off and continue on! Here I have chosen some Serenity+Scott eye shadows, from the top to the bottom, S2 Biscuit for the lid, S23 Peony mixed with S28 Georgetown for the crease.

#2 – I personally have very moody, oily skin. I love a product that can give me great coverage, not give me too much shine, not settle into places it shouldn’t, and STILL look like skin. The Skin Perfecting Foundation from Serenity+Scott is perfect for this.

#3 – Venice Beach blush is wonderful. It can that give you that light sun-kissed glow.

#4 – Brow Gels from Serentiy+Scott are the perfect way to achieve that full brow without anyone knowing. This “brow mascara” coats only the brow hair to give them more color and more depth. If you need a little fill-in I recommend finding an eye shadow color that matches your natural color. Then lightly apply a small dusting to your shape. Next apply the Serenity+Scott Brow Gel on top to help keep things in place for longer.

#5 – Serenity+Scott Mascara is non-waterproof but tear-proof buildable formula. The chunky brush allows you not to keep dipping back in for more product and adds great volume to the lash.

#6 – Her namesake Serenity lipstick is a beautiful shear warmer plum that adds a wonderful depth to you lips.


Spring trending…

Looking through the spring collections one thing I saw over and over was a touch of orange, either on the lips, cheeks, or eyes. Check the orange festivities at Serenity+Scott. Featured here

Day Lily, Peony, Dreamsicle eye shadows, Georgia Peach Lipstick, Mango Mojito Lip-gloss, The Hamptons bronzer,and Venice Beach blush.