In deep bloom


Three of my favorite ladies to work with, model Jacqueline, Zhenya Lazarchuck on hair, and photographer Jameykay Huffman. I am a huge fan of all three! Sorry I haven’t been able to post a lot. I have been on a lot of commercials this year which means no photos allowed. XOXO

SerenityScott Foundations



So we have been getting a lot questions on the SerenityScott skin perfecting foundations, as in “How do I match myself via the computer?” So I thought I would line them up on my arm as a color reference. From left to right we have s.p.f. number 1 and ending on s.p.f.  number 8. Number 1 and 2 are tricky in the sense that they are the same tone, shade of darkness, however they are different in hue, number 1 is more of a pink shade and number 2 has more golden tones. I am a number two. Hope this helps. If you guys have any questions feel free to email me at .


Eyelight Pencil

The Eyelight Pencil is one product that can make a huge difference between “I got eight hours of sleep” vs. “I was up all night”. This nude pencil knocks out redness in the water line. For some the pencil isn’t need but for those of us who do it is a subtle way to make a BIG impact in our looks. I hope that I can revisit the set of SerenityScott Beauty and add the pencil to a look of mine. Hope you all enjoy!