Commercial Rate / Day Rate – please email at info@bequenched.co

Bridal –  Please email to inquire about dates. To book a preview please call 828-505-4075 to book an in-store trail. 

Info@bequenched.co (there is no “m” on that .co sorry. )

Hello! As you may have guessed by now my name is Zack. I am a licensed Esthetician, Makeup, and Airbrush Artist. I am seventh generation appalachian and yes my accent is very much worked on. I grew up in community theater in my hometown of Nebo, NC. There I learned not only how to cover-up my accent but also about “cover-up”. I was around 13 years old  when I started learning about makeup and it’s “transformative” properties. In college I studied painting and photography.  I still explore my artistic side with painting and multi-media. I am always exploring and pushing my knowledge of color. This is what separates me from most other Makeup Artists.  Combining my 6 plus years in the industry with my knowledge of color my clients and I work to create the best look for each event. I have worked with many directors, photographers, actors, singers, and brides each one giving me a new perspective on makeup. This for me, is one of the best parts of my job; the collaborative effort in creating a beautiful look.


– Senior Makeup Artist for Serenity+Scott Beauty and General Co-Maganer of Serenity Scott Apothecary serphoto:Dan Wickham


Header photo by: Red Umbrella


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