Tutorial Videos

I wanted to create a video for you all that would give you a behind the scene look at IMATS NYC. Here is a quick look at the three day event. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to follow me on all those gadgets!

This is one of my everyday looks. I apply makeup with a very light hand. I don’t believe in “painting walls” for one’s face. If one would like to make this a little more photo flash friendly just simply add a bit more of the products. Hope you all enjoy and don’t forget confidence is you best lip color!

In this video Scott and I talk about the brushes and their uses. I truly believe in experimenting and find out which brush you love for your needs. As you will see I use an eye-shadow brush for concealer and Scott uses a liquid foundation brush for cream blush (crazy I know).

This video is a small tutorial on how I like to apply makeup to a male actor/model/client. I also demonstrate how to use the brow gel on the beard. This is wonderful way to cover grey and give the look of a fuller beard.

My interview with Scott was fun. I got to talk about my views on the industry at large and little on fashion.

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