Our beautiful Z…

I am on set this week with Harrah’s Casino with this beautiful and talented lady. Zhenya is a very very talented cosmologist and we have worked together many times but I believe that this is the first time that I got to do her makeup! This shoot was for her and her puppy!  Hope you all enjoy and check out Nicole McConville‘s beautiful blog.





Redheads are some of my favorite skin tones to do makeup on. I find that you can really make a color palette POP! However often I find that they are reserved in color choices. I find this may be true because, like most women, they have had too may bad encounters at the counters. The first thing I ask my redheads is “Do you like your freckles?”.  If the answer is yes then it is a match made in heaven. If they don’t I find that I can struggle just a little because I believe makeup should allow you to shine, freckles and all. Otherwise you won’t look like you.

The other week we had these two lovely redheaded ladies come into the shop. Wendy and myself had the please of doing their makeup for their latest visit to Asheville, Nc. If you are a redhead out their check out their website http://howtobearedhead.com/. And Check it they are getting some buzz. Congrats girls!!

Sarajane Case Photography

From Naughty to Nice

Again this girl is so much fun to paint. So I wanted to re-post the naughty picture from the other day beside today’s just to show what makeup can really do for a person. One can completely tell you mood… your story with a flick of a brush ( and a little Instagram filters 😀 ).

Aubrey to Aubrey