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I am in LOVE with this new line and Makeup at the Grove Arcade is one of the first boutiques in the U.S. to offer it.  Lavido is made with ingredients from a certified organic source and natural essential oils. To introduce the line to our customers there is a tantalizing gift with purchase! Buy one of the two facial serums (Replenishing Facial Serum or Invigorating Facial Serum) and one of the three facial creams (Ultra Daily Facial Moisture Cream, Age Away Hydrating Cream, or Age Away Night Cream) and receive a FREE Nurturing Hand Cream in either in a Lemon Myrtle or Bulgarian Lavender scent.

Skin focused

Spring time!  To achieve that glow Ren and I packed a Serenity+Scott bag filled with products that brighten the skin. First off good skin care is always a must. From Mario Badescu we chose Rose Water Facial Spray and Vitamin C Serum. The Rose spray is great as a hydrating toner but also keep a small bottle of it in your bag and spray a little for a boost of hydration.  The Vitamin C serum aids in fighting off damaging free radical AND vitamin C helps in lightening and brightening skin. From Femme Science we chose the Under Eye Renewal. This eye treatment is my favorite, I call it my hangover cure. Packed with Coq10, green tea extrat, and much more Eye Renewal  helps in depuffing the puff, stimulates blood flow to lighten dark circles, and fights off fine lines.

In makeup we chose the Balm’s Balm Shelter with an spf of 18, Serenity+Scott‘s Dual Action concealer,and highlighters from Serenity+Scott. Tinted moisturizers are great for soft coverage and often have a small spf to help protect your skin. The Dual Action Concealers from Serenity+Scott are super light weight with fantastic coverage. Most concealers are dry looking but these concealers are more of a dewy finish. To add a little something extra hit the cheek with a highlighter from Serenity+Scott. A perfect way to brighten up the skin. 20140410-120551.jpg

The all in one.

Rose Hip Nourishing Oil from Mario Badescu is a wonderful healing oil that treats a number of things. High in Vit C it helps in fighting against free radicals. Soothing to dry, sensitive, and flaky skin it works wonders in skin texturing. During the winter my skin is still oily but itchy. This oil is so light weight even I use it at night. Use this wonder oil day or night.20140328-111309.jpg

Seeing spots?

20140327-103152.jpgGlycolic acid is here to help. As spring is approaching and summer vacations around the corner let’s take a moment to pause for our skin. Sun spots or “Age spots” are caused by over exposure to the sun which cause a darkening of melanin or the pigment in our skin. We can help fight that by limiting our exposure to the sun and at the very least keeping up with reapplying our sunscreens. When using Glycolic acids our skin can become sensitive to the sun and can burn a bit easier so make sure to use a sunscreen of at least 30 and reapply as directed.

I use this over night treatment from Mario Badescu not for sun spots but for pigmented acne scars. This gel is to be worn over night by it self and washed off in the morning. For me, I approach skin a little differently than most. I find this treatment effective by using it no more than 3 to 4 times a week.