Foundation… which one?


Tinted moisturizers, BB cream, CC cream, liquid, mouse, powder……oh my!

Which one to choose? First off what is your skin type? Your skin type plays a HUGE role in which type of foundation you should choose. Second SPF or no SPF? Third what type of finish do you want  to achieve with your foundation? Now we begin to look into foundations.

I should start by saying that all the above names are foundations.

Tinted moisturizers are not moisturizersCalling them moisturizers is away to get those who are afraid of foundations into a foundation. They are a lighter weight foundation often with a dewy skin like finish. Great for drier skin types but also they can work on oily skin. I personally wear one every day and I am super oily. Tinted moisturizers also can have SPF.

BB cream and CC creams are again a new way of selling a foundation. Often these two products have higher SPFs and have a very dewy finish. These two products vary greatly from company to company so if you can take ’em for a test drive.

Liquid vs. mouse vs. powder. Liquid and mouse are going to give you the most coverage. I always recommend these two products to drier skin types. The finishes vary from dewy to matte, the finish depends on your needs and taste.  Powder bases differ greatly and this will affect their coverage and finish. “Mineral” powders are typically not for HD nor are they camera friendly. The term mineral kinda makes me nuts in the sense if it is a pigment most likely it is a mineral. “Mineral” was coined when companies wanted to remove water out of foundations to alleviate the need to use preservatives.   Talc based powders are a heavier coverage however not great for drier skin types. Non talc based powders are a better option for drier skins.

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