Put spring in the air with your fragrance

20140324-115918.jpgCB I Hate Perfumes are some of the most unique fragrances out there. Here are some of my favorite scents of spring and summer. Come by the store and play!

To See a Flower” is like the steams of freshly cut flowers. One of the freshest spring notes I can think of.

“Invisible Monster” is truly one of his greenest notes. This scent takes me to the river bends here on a hot summer day. According to CB himself this sent is to “capture the smell of the islands in the Susquehanna River.”

Mr. Hulot’s Holiday” evokes salt water, old leather, and faint top notes of fresh green grass and florals.

“At the Beach :1966”, this scent reminds me a lot of summer vacations. It has that old school Coppertone smell but with salt water and sand thrown into the mix. I have often said it smells like you have  “been swimming all day in the ocean.”


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