Triumph and Disaster

“Triumph and Disaster’s philosophy is to use the best of science combined with the best of nature to produce naturally derived but scientifically engineered products that work.” Gameface is a light weight moisturizer utilizing a blend of Ponga fern extract, jojoba oil, and Vit E to fight back the hands of time. Rock & Roll Suicide face scrub is a detoxifying, exfoliating, and absorbent deep cleanser using volcanic ash and green clay.  20140407-111812.jpg

Hey gents…

So I’ve had this blog for a little while now and post a lot one day and nothing for a month or two. Sorry. 😀 However I wanted you all to know that Makeup at the Grove Arcade has now a large selection of men’s products. I’ll just say it has changed my life. Triump and Disaster  make some wonderful face products. Here is a look at the line. I’ll of coarse be posting more on men’s products in the future now.