The brushes HAVE ARRIVED!

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The new Serenity+Scott brushes are officially here. I am in love! As a makeup artist the first thing I noticed was the balance of these brushes. The blending ability of these brushes are beautiful and key, but also they feel so soft on my clients’ skin. Everyone I have applied makeup to always comment on the softness.

I work as a manager at the flag ship store for Serenity+Scott, Makeup at the Grove Arcade, as well as work a free lance Makeup Artist and I must say  these brushes are amazing. They are numbered 1 through 12, which makes communication about them so much easier.

The Number One brush is a concealing brush that offers a little more flexibility than the Number Two concealing brush. Number One I use when I would like a lighter application of concealer and Number Two I use when I would like a little more.

Number Three is our traditional foundation brush but with a spin. With the circular-cut Japanese synthetic fiber, that all the brushes sport, the flexibility of the fiber is greater than most synthetic fibers. This works great with buffing in your foundation.

Number Four brush is an angled blush/bronzer brush. With its density it picks up both powder and creme beautifully.

Number Five brush is a denser shadow brush that I use often for highlights and lids, very often as another concealer brush also.

Number Six brush is my favorite crease brush ever. This brush is super fluffy so it picks up little pigment and deposits little pigment, giving you more control.

Number Seven and Number Eight are both great smudging and detail-er brushes for around the eye area.

Number Nine is the angled liner brush. This brush allows you to work in powder and gel. I personally work in gels mostly for my work and am super picky about a liner brush. The length of the bristles gives you the ability to pinch the fibers for a finer line.

Number Ten is a mascara fan brush. For people who love a mascara but dislike the wand that is has, this brush is perfect.  Also for those hard to reach lashes or simply you would like a lighter application.

Number Eleven a lip brush.  A lip brush gives you that finished edge to any lip. Also there is always more lipstick left in that tube.

Number Twelve is a powder brush like no other. It too is a fluffier brush and gives a beautiful light weight application of any powder.

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