The Truth…

So as an esthetician/makeup artist I often get a look from people once they find out what I do for a living. Here in Asheville I have worked in runways, magazines, films, television, and helped women make their special days become even more special as a makeup artist and I find it all so rewarding. When someone comes to me about makeup I first tell them there are no rules and that this is not to mask themselves but highlight themselves. For me and my work skin is the last expression of the inner self. I once heard that fashion is the armor for the every day and makeup….. it is our war paint! And boy howdy I couldn’t agree more. I love my art and wish for women and men to first look inward before they look at the mirror. With fashion shows I have had the honor of working with some talented young ladies but tell them before the brush begins its work that they don’t need this to be beautiful. All they need is confidence and be solid with themselves first and the world will follow. Today media has really twisted our view of beauty. I can say that my images are airbrushed in some with makeup and in post but never I hope to this level.

So I want to share this with my readers. Take a look at this video and then look at the magazines and billboards. I think you will feel better about yourself.

xoxo confidence is the best lip color!

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