So about the “rules” of makeup…

So at M@GA we have customers come into the store looking just for lessons and not for products. I enjoy these lessons because its about the woman, or guy in some cases, really it is just about the individual and their needs. I hear so many times “this is what I was told to do” and you should not just stop there. PLAY!!  Have fun and experiment with your look. Just because one makeup artist said your a coral doesn’t mean that you should never ever look at purples. Perhaps coral cheeks look best on you but lets say you have blue eyes, then take a look at a thin purple liner to make that blue POP. There are no rules when it comes to makeup (well I say always begin your look with your eyes and then foundation) but really its all comes down to taste and what you feel best in. Confidence is the best lip color on anyone.

Just to prove my point….. I was flipping through my pictures the other day and came across this photo shoot. It was really my first photo shoot ever! What a time I had but i got through it well I think. Back then I thought the only way to go was mate. POOF! The old me would kick the new me for ever loving shimmers and dewy looks. But that is just it we evolve and change and so does fashion. Any hoo… So for this photo shoot Scott challenged us to pick our four signature shadows and create a day and night look with them. To top that all off the four of us had to create our looks using only one model and that model had to be used between the four of us. Our lovely model Marlowe was picked for this project.  When we got the images we all laughed because we don’t even place blush in the same way. So here is to having fun…Cheers!

 photos by Dan Wickham   have fun and play! xoxo -Zack

2 thoughts on “So about the “rules” of makeup…

  1. Breaking the rules is (almost) always a good idea! I’m loving the blog, nice job. It has been too long since we’ve worked together, Zack…I vote for a photo shoot in the new year when things slow down a little bit.

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