Same beautiful lady, two different looks.

So I thought that I would share this image just to show case how one face can carry many different looks. Really it all comes down to you. Makeup can show you!  




So Serenity+Scott beauty is going to DRAG CON!!!! I am more than over the moon about this. I am a huge HUGE fan RPDR. I have perhaps watched every episode (with the exception of season one cause I couldn’t get it for very long) at least twice… well probably more.

The new colors are here!!!

Introducing 2 new lipsticks, Ru and Gatsby, and 2 new lip-glosses, Boxcar Betty and Sidecar. Our 2 new blushes, Hibiscus and Sangria, are both powerful new colors. 9 new eye-shadow colors that no one can resist, Grove Park, Pink Ice, Lemonade, Tenderness, Dolly, Pixie Stix, Chocolate Fetish, Forget Me Not, and Sand.