The Avett Brother 2014

This was the best Halloween EVER!!!! I had such a blast with this. It took hours and these boys took to it like pros! The best people!! They recently released a video of the night and here it is!

IMG_0290A little inside look. Seth had shaved three hours before makeup. The makeup that we had to use was alcohol based (92 proof). Could you imagine getting  alcohol rubbed all over your freshely shaved face. NOPE!! But he never once complained, great guy.

IMG_0292Joey’s makeup took the longest. He was the wicked witch… which meant to me he had to be the best ever! The poor guy probably spent a good 4 hours getting hair and makeup done. This was too fun!!! He also had not one complaint. The entire crew was just super nice. The best gig I have gotten so far!

stills take from “The Avett Brothers: Halloween 2014 Show


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