Summertime Travels

mensSummer vacations are just around the corner.

#1- Hand stitched Horween leather dopp kit. Stitched by Asheville’s Mountain Made Leather Goods this is THE dopp kit to have.

#2- Parker Safety Razor’s travel badger shave brush. Untwist the brush at the top, untwist the perforated bottom lid and slide the badger shave brush into the handle.

#3 – Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Etton College Collection shave cream. The shave cream gives a strong, gripping, creamy lather that makes for a smooth shave. The scent is matched with it’s aftershave.

#4 – Feather new Hi-Stanless Razor 10 pack. These blades are thought of as the sharpest blades out there. Some men recommend taking a wine cork and striking both sides of the blades just to take off that first shave.

#5 – Merkur 33c slim handle, open comb safety razor with knurled etching. For over a hundred years Merkur has been producing beautifully German-crafted razors using only the highest quality materials.

#6 – Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Etton College Collection after shave cologne. The scent is light, refreshing, and is of the classic gentleman.




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