Stocking Stuffers!!

With the holidays just around the corner some people are at a lost for the small fun stuff. Here are a few ideas as add ons or just great presents. I love these guys cause they are unique, rather gender neutral, and are something not everyone would think of.



The first is a travel refillable perfume spray by Travalo. Perfect for the traveler or for the person who just wants to freshen up in the middle of the day. @ $19.99


The second is an alum block. This block stops bleeding and cuts WAY back on irritation. How do I know? I use it myself and think any guy who shaves will love you forever for this gift.  Ladies this is also something that wouldn’t hurt to have around for those accidents when shaving your legs. To those young ladies who are just starting to shave this product would be a life saver.   @$8.50


The third is a locally made, USDA organic, biodegradable down to the inks of the package. SkinFare is a wonderful skin care stick that can be put any where on the body that needs a little moisture. I use mine for my lips and my tattoo. @$10.00

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