The secret to the perfect brush!

We now have our new line of makeup brushes, Serenity+Scott, in the store and I have fallen in love with them. Once we got them I found myself talking more about brushes and decided that this would be something good for the blog. Brushes are really where its at for a flawless look. Brushes come in a verity of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials; so then where to start?

1st- What is the job for the brush? Is it for foundation, liquid or powder? Is it for blush, creme or powder? Once you have decided on that we move on to step two.

2nd- Fluffy or stiff brush? The fluffier the brush the less pigment it picks up and will deposit  for a softer coverage. The stiffer the brush the more pigment it picks up and will deposit  for a more solid coverage. Decide on the level of coverage you would prefer. So when referring to shadow brushes if would you like a soft (less coverage) look or editorial (solid coverage) look.

Blush or bronzer brushes are more about creme vs. powder. Cremes in any medium will need a synthetic brush. Synthetic fibers are less porous and easier to clean, where as natural fibers should be used in dry mediums only (powders, eye shadows, etc.). The fluffy or stiff brush is really more up to your hand. So don’t be afraid to ask to take a look at couple of options.

For foundation its important to decided if the brush is for liquid or powder. If it is liquid I love the duo fibers. Duo fiber brushes also work great in powders so their versatility give them “a leg up” in the brush world.  With more pressure you can blend out with ease and apply less pressure the white fibers blend to give you a “airbrush” finish. Also with that the fibers of the duo brush they are synthetic and silk (in most cases) so they need to be cleaned more often.

Liner brushes are very different. The synthetic rule for creme/liquid/powder still applies here however the angles and points become more important.  For my work I prefer liner brushes to be synthetic because they are the easiest to keep clean. Angle brushes can help create the best crisp line and can create a soft defused line as well. So with that if I had to just pick one it would have to be the Deluxe Angle brush from Serenity+Scott.

Well all this is just barely touched on the subject. If you have any questions you can reach me via email at or stop by the store.

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