My three favorites

People always ask what is my favorite item in the store and its so hard to just pick one. So I have narrowed it down to my top three. Number Three would have to be the Time Balm concealers from The Balm. They are lite weight with fantastic coverage. Number Two has to be our Luxe Creme Liners from Makeup at the Grove Arcade. They glide on so easily and set quickly. Number One is the Balm Shelters, tinted moisturizers, from The Balm. They too are weightless with wonderful coverage, something that even oily skin types can wear and feel like they have nothing on.

Now ask me what my favorite lip gloss, favorite powder, favorite blush, etc. and I will have an answer for them all. For now these items are my favorites, but considering that we are always getting new items in the store I am sure that my favorites will change in time. Come into the store and check us out we have so many great things from scents to skin care; I’m sure you too wont be able to pick just one thing.

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