Asheville Valentine Beauty

This time I have lots of images. As I said in my last post these types of shoots are my favorite because they pull together lots of talent we have here in Asheville ranging from makeup, hair, nails,photography to styling the shoot. Also you can see the different types of makeup talents we have at M@ga. Mendy Hoffman has now moved, but she has left us here in Asheville talent to aspire to, xoxo sweetie thank you for all you taught me. Also I have to include one special image just to let you guys know what type of boss I have, teehee, such a clown. xoxo I hope that you all get a HUGE box of chocolate!

hair by Danielle Travers photos by Dan Wickham nails by Heather Smith

For information on which dress is from where check the image and they will tell you where you  can get the looks.

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