the time before that….

The shoot that I was on before I went to Alabama was actually was not for makeup. I was asked by world renowned photographer Parker J Pfister ( to actually model and help find models for his latest task. It was a documentary on wedding photography for a photo education company by Photovision (  There was talent EVERY WHERE!! Well who got asked to do the makeup you ask well.. my boss E. Scott Thompson. He ROCKED IT OUT! I was so floored by the talent that surrounded me, there at Deer Creek run where photographers from around the nation. It was amazing to see everyone at work creating art with his or her mediums, from models, to hair (Tyler Creek), to the crew creating the film. Its was truly a fun fun job. Here are some photos from the day. Please Check out Parker J Pfister’s blog not only for his wonderful art but to check out the other magical photographers from that day. Also the images below are from the “love mama”, as Parker J like to call her, Julia Woods. (


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